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Ten Best Remarks by a Caddie

10 Golfer: Think Im going to drown myself in the lake
Caddy: Think you can keep your head down that long?

9 Golfer: Id move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course
Caddy: Try heaven youve already moved most of the earth

8 Golfer: Do you think my game is improving?
Caddy: Yes sir you miss the ball much closer now

7 Golfer: Do you think I can get there with a 5 iron?
Caddy: Eventually

6 Golfer: Youve got to be the worst caddy in the world
Caddy: I dont think so sir That would be too much of a coincidence

5 Golfer: Please stop checking your watch all the time Its too much of a distraction
Caddy: Its not a watch - its a compass

4 Golfer: How do you like my game?
Caddy: Very good sir but personally I prefer golf

3 Golfer: Do you think its a sin to play on Sunday?
Caddy: The way you play sir its a sin on any day

2 Golfer: This is the worst course Ive ever played on
Caddy: This isnt the golf course We left that an hour ago

and the #1 best caddy comment

1 Golfer: That cant be my ball its too old
Caddy: Its been a long time since we teed off sir..

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